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The main causes of (a) cause full lace human hair wigs loss, hair is as follows: 1, human hair weave cuttings and excess sebum secretion 2, 3 hormonal imbalance, poor circulation 4, 5 stress problems, nutritional disorders 6, 7 body caused by other diseases, other causes such as chemical dyeing underlying causes: excessive secretion of hormones the body cause, affect ecological regions / dye over / Mechanical injury / Yongnaoguodu / chemotherapy / elderly hereditary / improper diet.

Depending on the cause of hair loss may be permanent differences, can also be permanent, may be temporary, permanent Regardless of hair loss associated with hair follicles surrounding gum accumulation and hardening occurs .9, hair damage factors: (1) external factors, in fact, damage to the hair are due to external factors, hair combs hard, unexpected damage and daily shampoo incorrect methods, such as towels shampoo at home many girls use force to rub the short human hair wigs, fiber particles on the towel will scratch the hair cuticle, making flake apart, resulting in damage to the hair (2) environment, referring to two aspects, one working and living environment, the second is UV and atmospheric pollution (3) physical and emotional (4) biological and chemical factors: perm, when plate made excessive tension will cause severe hair loss or premature white hair phenomenon for many reasons, primarily nutrition and mental aspect, adjust your diet for cheap human hair extensions growth has a significant role in promoting. 2 & lt; & lt; & lt; 1. Hereditary hair loss. 2. Grease benefit alopecia. 3. Fungal infections of hair loss. 4. Physiological hair loss. & Gt; & gt; & gt; 1. Hereditary hair loss: Feature: generally top bald, bald forehead, after the age of 30, common in males. The reason: Chinese medicine, kidney function is not normal or unsound cause, Western medicine has been I do not know why. Treatment: domestic demand transferred outside the rule, including heavy tune, outside the rule only as to consolidate the growth of hair only prevention. 2 Grease benefit alopecia: Features: alopecia is formed & quot;best human hair extensions, small grain & quot; like alopecia areata, scalp is white, fine hair two days without shampoo scalp oil is very severe scalp acne and redness.

Reason: excessive secretion of oil glands, resulting in human hair weave follicles and clog the mouth of the human hair half wigs follicle inflammation, the hair can not grow normally. Treatment: keep the scalp fresh, two days cleaning once scalp, using no chemical synthetic drugs, non-irritating natural shampoo is the best. Four month Nourish scalp, scalp nutrition supplements, plus bombs and consolidating the scalp, the human hair lace front wigs strong, has grown so effective hair growth, health regeneration. NOTE: Two months as a course. 2. Fungal infections alopecia: Features: irregular oval alopecia, alopecia place in general have fine hair, commonly known as receive many. Cause: The nerve of excessive stress, mental stress, nutritional imbalance, long-term fatigue and other original cause immune disorders, bacterial invasion, scalp nerve & quot; shorted & quot; "ie: scalp nerve disorders", resulting in insufficient support scalp. Note: If not treated in time will cause the whole head off. Treatment: with four times a month to keep the scalp clean scalp care (including sage class can stimulate the growth of human hair wigs for black women follicles oil and bactericidal action) Note: pay attention to personal nutritional balance, moderate regular exercise to ensure adequate sleep Eat less strong irritant food to effective treatment. 3. Physiological hair loss: Features: 50-100 hairs a day off, the hair is gray. The reason: the human situation 50-200 hairs a day off is a normal and everyone's physiology to fall 100-200 root causes is the replacement of endocrine and metabolism. Treatment: use of non-irritating and chemical composition of the cleaning agent, keeping the scalp fresh,human hair wig, washed once two days, seven days effective. Dandruff scalp: Reason: sebaceous glands function is not perfect, resulting in scalp oil and water imbalance, which stimulate the growth of bacteria, the main bacteria Bacillus spotted moss, fungi, gram-positive bacteria, Escherichia coli and other bacteria, the formation of dandruff and dry scalp. Divided in general 1, 2 greasy dandruff, fungal infections dandruff 3, 4 sensitivity dandruff, physiological dandruff 1. Greasy dandruff :( rice-like) features: scalp dandruff is white rice-like shape of oil-prone scalp. Reason: excessive secretion of scalp oil, so that the scalp can not properly absorb oxygen from the air and normal skin off, can not be normal metabolism, which causes excessive growth of bacteria, the formation of dandruff. Treatment: keep the scalp fresh, cleaned once every other day, do not use complex containing the chemical composition and properties of shampoo wash, so as not to stimulate the secretion of oil glands, and can not make too alkaline shampoo, so as not to harm the natural sebum film. 2. :(

Fungal infections dandruff flakes) Features: scalp itch, acne, often occurs in the cheap human hair extensions and head. The reason: air pollution, chemical environment, resulting in overproduction scalp bacterial oxidation scalp cuticle, making large areas of dead scalp cells, the formation of skin off, another reason is that scratching the scalp in the process of cleaning the lace front human hair wigs that is Horny formed using some of the shampoo containing chemicals will form excessive scalp infection, inflammation of the loss. Treatment: long-term to keep the scalp clean, use of plant anti-dandruff shampoo, wash once a day, week after sustained cleaned once every two days, the cleaning process to avoid the use of & quot; catch & quot ;, prohibit the use of a composite detergent, with the use scalp clean, sterilization does not harm the scalp care natural sebum film. 3. Sensitivity dandruff :( bulk) Features: reddish scalp, itching, dandruff is massive, there appears concentrated water. Cause: The difference with dandruff fungal infection of bacteria that enters into the scalp capillaries, forming inflammation. Treatment: keep the scalp clean and fresh, using pure plant therapeutic detergent, using a very gentle treatment methods, head massage is prohibited in order to avoid the spread of inflammation must be nourished with the scalp of allergy treatments, less than two per week times, can be changed after a month once a week until the inflammation disappeared. Two months for a course of care. 4. Physiological dandruff :( powdered) Features: scalp is gray, no oxygen, no other symptoms of discomfort. Reason: According to research scientists; the body's cells in the clean state of adequate nutrition, physiological cycle 28 days, shedding period of seven days, the metabolism of human hair wig cells, grown from splitting off 1800 times of death, that person a variety of reasons such a state can live up to 150 years, but by the environment (pollution), nutrition (unbalanced), emotions (happiness, anger, sadness and joy) oxide,full lace human hair wigs etc.